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Dispatch from the Field is a direct look into the work of the Whole Planet Foundation Field Team. We travel around the world supporting solutions to poverty.

Here we will share our experiences from both a personal and professional perspective. If you love to travel, believe in a better world, and think it is all possible; you have come to the right place.

Whole Planet Foundation was born out of Whole Foods Market's Core Value - "Caring about our Communities and Environment". Our mission is to alleviate poverty in Whole Foods Market communities around the world through entrepreneurship and the support of microcredit.

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Concilia Faila Bebe Joseph

I met these 4 FINCA entrepreneurs in my March 2014 trip to the DRC.  Just this week WPF has announced a second generation project with FINCA DRC.  Over the next 3 years - WPF will provide $1 million in interest free loan capital to be used to add new clients in eastern DRC!  

Concilia (top) - Concilia travels to Zambia every 3 weeks to source soya which she sells at the Kolwezi airport.  In March she was in her first loan cycle with FINCA, managing a loan of $300.  

Faila (middle, left) - After finishing an initial loan of $200, Faila received a second loan for $400 for her snack business.  During her first loan cycle, profits from her stand allowed her to pay the school fees for her 9 year old twins and buy some land.  

Bebe (middle, right) : Bebe was in her second loan cycle with FINCA when I visited in March.  She had doubled her inventory of used clothing with her loan of $300.  

Joseph (bottom) - Joseph’s second cycle loan of $600 has allowed him to add a freezer section to his boutique.  

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Whole Planet Foundation has just concluded our first project with One Acre Fund Burundi.  When we started the partnership, OAF - Burundi was serving 1400 Burundian farmers. Over the course of our partnership this figure grew to 13,651 farmers in Muramvya and Mbuye districts.  

Our second project with OAF - Burundi is already underway and the program is on track to reach an additional 14,500 farmers by 2016!

Click the link below to read about Timothee, a farmer from Mbuye District, Burundi and his experience with agriculture credit through One Acre Fund on the WPF blog:  


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Constance September 2013 Constance May 2014

We first visited GHAPE in September 2013 where we met Constance (top, left) at the Bafut market.  I went back and saw her there again in May 2014 (bottom) as we finalized our partnership with GHAPE.  Constance sells leaves that are used to make traditional sauce and the white powder is water fufu which is prepared & eaten with the leaf sauce.

Claire, WPF Program Manager, Africa/MENA 

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