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Dispatch from the Field is a direct look into the work of the Whole Planet Foundation Field Team. We travel around the world supporting solutions to poverty.

Here we will share our experiences from both a personal and professional perspective. If you love to travel, believe in a better world, and think it is all possible; you have come to the right place.

Whole Planet Foundation was born out of Whole Foods Market's Core Value - "Caring about our Communities and Environment". Our mission is to alleviate poverty in Whole Foods Market communities around the world through entrepreneurship and the support of microcredit.

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Spotted this small house garden in Iringa, Tanzania while I was observing a group loan meeting. Wish I had the green thumb.

BRAC Tanzania group loan repayment meetings happen weekly with all of their microloan clients, to check in on the status of their businesses and make a regular repayment of their loan.

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Happy Independence Day, Senegal! This army parade just marched by my house, trumpets playing, in anticipation of tomorrow’s big holiday!

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FINCA clients in Kolwezi, DRC can visit one of 32 small businesses in the Katanga region which have been designated as POS Agents.  This means that the business owner is able to accept and disburse loans and savings.  The group above visits a POS station to receive a disbursement, which is a convenient and efficient way for them to access the money instead of the time and expense of traveling to the branch office.  POS agents are trained by FINCA and receive a commission for their work.  Clients access their accounts through both account number and fingerprint scanner.  Country wide, these POS machines handle over 200,000 transactions every day, 7 days a week.  

Claire, Program Manager Africa/Middle East

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With support from WPF, FINCA - DRC was able to open the Kolwezi branch in Katanga Region of the DRC last June.  Today (March 20th) their loan outstanding reached the $1,000,000 mark!  Fanny, pictured above is the Kolwezi Branch manager, overseeing loans to almost 3000 clients, 

Claire, Program Manager Africa/Middle East

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Feza, a FINCA client from Likasi, DRC was very excited to see her picture featured in the 2014 WPF calendar.  Since last year, Feza has expanded her hardware store offerings - taking up 2 stalls at the market.  She also sells rice and beans on site.  For her next disbursement, Feza will only borrow $30 because she will mobilize $300 from her FINCA savings account.  Currently she is making a profit of about $200/every two weeks which she uses to pay for her children’s school fees and rent.  In the future she plans to travel to Lubumbashi (larger city about 1.5 hours away) more frequently than her current pattern of every 2 weeks to keep her market stalls well stocked.  

Claire, Program Manager, Africa/Middle East

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